Adopted Stones

Thank you to all who have adopted so far!  We update the database frequently. Check back often!
A2100B4In Memory of Stephen Russell

Stone Reference Number Quadrant Adopted By / Message
A1111 A1 Ashley Seidl
A1112 A1 Jeremy Gilliam
A1139 A2 The Correll Family
A1129 C1 Stone adopted by T. Logan Metesh
A1157 A2 Bradford Family
A1184 B2 Katrin Venter
A1194 B2 Remembering Daniel Patterson, Love Bobby Patterson
A1205 B2 Giada Lembo
A1250 – A1254 B2 Veigel Family
A1298 – A1303 C2 The Family of Preston and Goldie Griffith
A1308 C2 Samantha Swift
A1309 C2 Dallas Swift
A1338 C2 B. Payden Photography
A1352 C2 Harley Macleod
A1353 C2 Vicky Radovich
A1393 D2 Anonymous
A1397 D2 Vallery Morgan
A1399 D2 Mr. and Mrs. Leighton Ford
A1406 – A1407 D2 Peter and Gretchen Bonanno
A1411 D2 Graeme Michael Cavender
A1412 D2 Elizabeth E. Osinski
A1413 D2 Gerald O. Anderson
A1499 A3 Diana Huston
A1666 – A1667 B3 Mike Wald
A1684 C3 In Memory of Alva Harrison
A1710 C3 Mark and Barbara Johnson
A1751 C3 Mike and Pam Jacoby
A1791 C3 Kathy Murdock
A1792 C3 Kelley Williams
A1846 D3 Serone Family
A1853 D3 Judi Balderson
A1951 D3 Maria – My Tall Lady
A1982 A4 Juliette Leigh Booker
A1983 A4 Christopher Scott Booker
A2004 A4 The Deering Family
A2099 B4 Matthew Stevens
A2106 B4 Grace Goodwin
A2113 B4 Abigail and Zane Simpson
A2133 C4 Hardy Family: Taylor Hardy
A2134 C4 Hardy Family: Madison Hardy
A2135 C4 Hardy Family: Tanner Jones
A2136 C4 Hardy Family: Grace Hardy
A2293 D4 Dedicated to the Westfalls.- Love, your Reagan family.
A2316 D4 In honor of the 92nd birthday of Harry O. (Pat) Wolfe, Jr
A2399 B5 Debbie Bell
A2400 B5 Harley Bell Carleton and Colton Klingensmith
A2512 C5 Nick Morgan for his VA Tech Graduation
A2564 D5 In honor of Jeanne G. Coons
A2626 A6 Sherry Ruettgers
A2627 A6 Stone adopted by Caitlin Brazill
A2628 A6 For Nicholas and Cameron . . . Onward & Upward! So proud of you! Love, Mom
A2629 A6 A. J. Balderson
A2668 D6 In Memory of Shirley and Doris Kannard
A2669 D6 In Memory of Julian L. Kannard
A2670 D6 In Memory of Charles H. Gray, 1872 – 1963
A2671 D6 In Memory of Harrison F. Kennard, 1867 – 1941
A2677 D6 Chris Ramey
A2681 D6 This one’s for Dexter and all the wee Stopak beasties . . . Love, Momma
B1111 A1 Photography by Kent
B1113 A1 Elizabeth Huhn
B1114 A1 This donation is given by RADM and Mrs. Thomas J. Eccles
B1118 A1 In honor of Granny Jordan Rowe – Love Brittany
B1139 B2 The Langford Family
B1145 B2 Mallory R. Kling
B1146 B2 Remembering Dorothy Patterson, Love Bobby Patterson
B1160 B2 Rick Miller
B1168 C2 Nicholas Perna and Caroline Paoletti
B1173 C2 In honor of Beverly Jordan Rowe – Love Carol
B1188 C2 The Brown Family
B1189 C2 Annette and Stephen Willis
B1193 C2 The Mills Family
B1219 D2 Adopted by Tim and Natalie Baird
B1223 D2 Diane and Dennis McCarthy
B1233 D2 Kathryn Parker & Patt Hoffmann
B1249 A3 Andrea Shimer
B1353 C3 The Lunsford – Graham Family
B1360 C3 Adopted by the Goodman Family
B1400 C3 The Wroton / Mynatt Family
B1421 C3 In Honor of Robert C. Kirk
B1459 D3 Marcia and Bill Markey
B1776 D4 In Memory of Bidge Schroeder
B1792 D4 McGoldrick Family
B1924 B5 In Memory of George W Cullen JR
B1948 B5 Maria – My Tall Lady
B1993 C5 In honor of David Dulevitz – Love, Amanda
C1115 C1 Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Jeffries
C1188 D2 Deirdre C. McCarthy
C1248 C3 Richard and Joy LeBaron
C1285 B4 In Memory of Wilbur Kerr
C1331 A5 Lanier & Vicki Cate
C1355 B5 In honor of Amanda Dulevitz. Yours forever, David
D1143 D2 The Douple Family
D1146 A3 Ned Douglass
E1111 B1 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bland Lee Fleming
E1112 – E1114 B2 – C2 In memory of Shawn Donovan (1956 – 2017)
E1123 A4 “In Memory of the many working farms and generations of family farmers who exchanged their grain for flour.”
S1112 A1 Afro-American Historical Society of Fauquier County