Are you going to reconstruct the Mill?

No.  Our Master Plan includes the ongoing preservation of the Mill ruin, but not a reconstruction.

Why aren’t you rebuilding the Mill?

Damage resulting from the 1998 arson was so extensive that recreating the many floors that existed within the Mill would be structurally impossible.  The stones that make up the Mill’s walls are simply too fragile to support floors.

Where are the nature trails?

The Virginia Outdoor Foundation in collaboration with the Bull Run Mountains Conservancy maintains a series of hiking trails north of the Mill site.  The entrance to the trails is situated near the Mill gates.  For more information on the trails visit the Virginia Outdoor Foundation website and the Bull Run Mountains Conservancy website.

Can we swim at the Mill?

For your own safety, we ask that all visitors refrain from swimming near the Mill.  Violators will be reported to the Prince William County police department.

Can we metal detect at the Mill?

No. Turn the Mill Around Campaign is currently conducting archaeological work on the site.  All materials that may be unearthed are important to understanding and interpreting the history of the Mill and surrounding area.

How can I arrange for a photo shoot at the Mill?

Photographers must obtain a permit to conduct photo shoots at the Mill.  Visit our Photography page for more information.

Are dogs allowed at the Mill?

Yes.  Dogs are permitted on the Mill site.  However, for their own protection, please keep dogs on a leash at all times.